Ride Into The Future with enigma

We bring to you the future of mobility. Enigma’s electric two-wheelers lower your carbon footprint and lead sustainable change, empowering you to enter the digital tomorrow with confidence.

Electric mobility is the future and we’re here to make it happen. Our commitment to e-mobility has its roots in 2015 when we envisioned building an electric scooter that was technologically advanced, feature-rich, and affordable. Fast forward five years, and we made that
happen – and more.

Made In India, For India

Accessibility and sustainability are at the core of everything we do. Enigma scooters are perfect
for India’s roads and environment. And our superb features make owning an electric vehicle a
reality for all.




Fire Resistant

High Torque


We’re Making A Difference, One Scooter At A Time

Enigma is a fast-growing EV manufacturer that believes in creating a visible impact. We make
electric scooters that every Indian can own; we do this by making two-wheeler EVs super
accessible and smart.


is the number of cities
we are present in across India


is what we help
you save each kilometer

1000 Mt

is the amount of
carbon emissions we reduced

4 Hours

is all it takes to
fully charge our scooter

We Are Ready To Power India’s
Electric Revolution

Enigma’s electric scooters are all set to ramp-up India’s electric revolution. We offer
smart e-scooters across three powerful variants — Ambier, Crink, and GT 450.


Ambier’s youthful look will
make you feel young. Be it
for work, fun-filled
moments with friends, or
solo long drives, Enigma
Ambier is the perfect
scooter for all rides!


Crink’s retro look looks
classy, always. Its slim body
gives it a chic appeal, and
with a powerful engine and
large boot space, Enigma
Crink is the ultimate new-
age scooter

GT 450

GT-450 effortlessly gives
you a sporty and sturdy
look. Embedded with
digital features, Enigma
GT-450 has a strong build
that assures easy
maintenance for life!