Meet Our Founders

Brothers Anmol and Alankrit had humble beginnings but big dreams. As lifelong motorheads, innovators, and grease monkeys, their shared love for automobiles was the foundation of their strong bonding. As they grew up and made elaborated careers in their respected professional fields, they realised the incredible potential in India’s EV industry. They strongly believed that India’s EV story will be driven by the humble common man- the two and three-wheeler users. By dedicating efforts to innovative powertrain R&D, relentless testing, and boosting accessibility of EVs in India, they set out to revolutionise India’s EV industry.

Anmol Bohre

Anmol has always been fixated on automobiles. His solution centric approach and resilient leadership ensures efficiency and quality in all our operations. An ICE enthusiast turned BLDC aficionado, he plays a key role in designing our electric scooters.

Alankrit Bohre

Alankrit is a natural at business relations. Always ready to guide and just a phone call away, his placid and humble approach has guided Enigma towards success and recognition. Indeed, he endorses the inherent thought that a ‘Human is about Humility’.

Know How We Started

Enigma Electric is the brainchild of two enthusiastic brothers – Anmol and Alankrit – who shared a dream to revolutionise India’s electric mobility spectrum. As lifelong automotive enthusiasts, the brothers had outstanding knowledge of the automotive world. As they grew up and developed further expertise in fields such as management and engineering, they realised that the biggest limiter to EV adoption in India is the lack of R&D, reliability, and accessibility. With this insight and a lifelong passion for automobiles, Enigma Electric was born!