We re Contributing To India's
E-Mobility Infrastructure

Meet Our Founders

Our founders had humble beginnings but big dreams. Their devotion motivates us to educate India about electric mobility. As a team, we are committed to spread awareness about the all important role of EVs in pursuing sustainable development. This vision has enabled us to locally manufacture two- and three-wheelers that are at par with national and international standards. Besides, Enigma supports the notion that EVs are a fun ride in today’s age of stressful travel and mobility. Enigma’s electric vehicles promote India’s transition to e-mobility by offering e-vehicles in accessible, affordable, and sustainable options.



Anmol Bohre

Anmol has always been fixated on automobiles. His solution centric approach and resilient leadership ensures efficiency and quality in all our operations. An ICE enthusiast turned BLDC aficionado, he plays a key role in designing our electric scooters.



Alankrit Bohre

Alankrit is a natural at business relations. Always ready to guide and just a phone call away, his placid and humble approach has guided Enigma towards success and recognition. Indeed, he endorses the inherent thought that a ‘Human is about Humility’.

Know How We Started

Enigma Electric, as an idea, was conceived during a trip to Delhi. Inspired by
Delhi’s e-rickshaws, our founders, Anmol and Alankrit, resolved to make high-tech,
affordable, and feature-rich electric vehicles.

In October 2015, we started working on what is now Enigma Automobiles Pvt. LTD. Two
months of hard work at a friend’s farmhouse resulted in making our very own first electric
vehicle. Since launching our first electric three-wheeler MARUT, to introducing a manual
gear option in the electric rickshaw and designing BLDC motors, we have consistently
worked towards innovating our products and services.